20 Remarkable Images From Rising Star Indian Photographer, Swarup Chatterjee

Sep 06, 2017: Swarup Chatterjee is an award winning Indian painter who changed the course of his artistic expression to street photography just a few years ago, and people are taking notice. He’s already begun winning photographic awards for his images expressed with a painterly vision – a vision that shines through the full range of his work, surreal to a documentary.

Chatterjee says his slow-shutter image making is the closest to his painting, with his camera movements during the exposure similar to the thumb or finger smudging done on a canvas with paint…

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Canvas of emotions: Featured in Sunday Chronicle, Headliners

Sep 03, 2017: Painter-turned-photographer Swarup Chatterjee captures movements, colours, expressions and action in his photographs.

From dry leaves, crows taking wing,  an angry passerby’s expression to a beggar in tears sitting in a corner and colours of freshness after a monsoon downpour, painter-turned-award winning photographer Swarup Chatterjee captures varied movements, expressions, colours and action. “My story is that of a little child who always wanted to be an artist — a painter. However, just like in most middle-class households, my parents wanted me to become a doctor, engineer or…

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I Gave Up Painting to Do Photography, And It Shows in My Work

Aug 08, 2017: Painting and photography are often considered similar artistic expressions. Henri Cartier-Bresson was a painter before he became a photographer, and became a painter again in his retirement. While his artistic sense informed his photography in terms of his ability to see the world in constantly changing light and compositional potential, he never considered photography as art.

I can only wonder: if HCB had lived to see the full potential of digital and how it has afforded us the ability to paint and create with light as never before, might he have come to change his mind?

As a painter, I always cherished the gentle friction of brush over canvas, the pressure used to create those sparkling nuances that brought my imagination to life. I would always begin with a brush but would quickly find my fingers smudging the colors. This technique has often provided an additional depth and added an element of life in my paintings…

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Swarup’s interview with a blog

Nov 17, 2016: In today’s Interview, We have Mr. Swarup Chatterjee, an Eminent Photographer and artist who started his artistic career very early.

We are thankful to Mr. Swarup for answering our interview questions.

It is nice to get in touch with you. We would like to take advantage of this time in learning more about you and your works.

Question 1): Would you tell us more about you and your interest in Photography?

Swarup: My journey towards photography probably started very early.  I picked up my first painting brush when I was a small kid. Since then I have been out expressing the inexpressible.

Initially there was no particular ‘art form’ that I could consciously opt for. My expressions have all shaped up in the form of watercolours, crafts, caricatures and often cartoons…

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Photograph published by Prajavani, a leading Kannada newspaper

A photograph I had shot during the Holi festival inside the Nandagaon temple was published by Prajavani, a Kannada daily newspaper with one of the widest circulations in India (readership of over 2 million).

The photo was published on the occasion of Jagachitra 2018, an annual photography exhibition in aid of The Multiple Sclerosis Society of India (MSSI). The entire proceeds from the event was donated to MSSI. This is the fourth time I participated in this exhibition.

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