• “Swarup’s sincerity of approach and commitment to the art of photography runs very deep.” 

    Anand Sharan-80
    Mr. Anand Sharan
    Internationally Acclaimed Indian Photographer
  • “Oh my feet haven’t really touched the ground since returning from India. It was such a fantastic trip and I am still on a high. I so appreciated having been on another Luminous Journeys trip where everything was well organised and all I needed to do was focus on photography. It is also great to spend time with like minded people who are just as enthusiastic to get up early in the morning and stay out after sunset … and we had a lot of fun!

    Swarup was enthusiastic and energetic with a totally different approach/style of photography from David’s. I learned a lot of different things from him. So I really feel completely spoilt by having two tutors on your Luminous Tours. Swarup’s management of us at the Holi Festival is to be highly commended – pre-planning and organisation was excellent. Although I usually hate crowds and this was “chaos on steroids”, I felt completely safe in the care of the team and was able to really enjoy myself.\”

    Rosalyn Johnson
    New Zealand
  • \”Swarup (Chatterjee) was fantastic! My husband and I discussed after the workshop that having him as our photography trainer was one of our best decisions! Swarup is not one of those prototype trainers. He touches your heart!”

    Kaushiki Sen
  • \”I learned a lot from Swarup Chatterjee, and really enjoyed his fellowship. He’s an excellent, well experienced photographer… His expert guidance and instructions in preparing to shoot the Holi Festival was for sure most helpful. Local guide Vikas was also a brilliant choice, always open to chat about India and arrange some extra wishes. He was tireless, always living the slogan – ‘In India, everything is possible!’

    It was just an amazing, brilliant, fantastic journey every hour of the way. I really fell in love with the country and I can’t wait to return!”

    Mario Becker
  • “I was in Mumbai and had attended Swarup’s Basic Photo Workshop. Good that I did! The two day workshop with Swarup was very informative, practical & enjoyable. Swarup really knows his stuff & will share all his knowledge with enthusiasm! I can’t recommend this workshop enough. The first day was full of information and the second day that followed was action packed full of different locations to target specific techniques & settings. I only wish I did this sooner! Thank you India!”

    Ted Moore
  • “Travelling with Swarup Chatterjee is always so much fun. Not only he carries an incredible amount of knowledge about India, he exactly knows where to shoot and when to shoot.”

    Tushar Pandit
  • \”Swarup Chatterjee is a thorough professional. He exactly knows the art of conducting photo travel. He is also a go getter. An amazing personality to deal with.”

    Washim Khan
  • “Spending a day with Swarup on his Basic Photography Course was an absolute revelation! His easy but technically informative style of teaching gave me the knowledge I needed to finally get off the ‘auto’ setting and actually use the camera for what it is designed to do. It also made us look at beauty as a concept in a completely different and innovative manner. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a keen amateur, I could not recommend this course more highly!\”

    A.M. Sachdeva